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Easy-ON Bottom Coating #5065 "Foul Release" System Information and customer input If your boating is in low fouling fresh water or cold saltwater, consider new waxing technology instead of anti-fouling bottom paint. An easy-to-use, nontoxic, soft-wax coating for full-season protection. One bottle will cover a 24' boat.

• Recommended Usage: Fresh or intermittent salt water use; lasts one full season

• Biocide: None. Clear, nontoxic alternative to bottom paints

• Number of Coats Recommended: One

• Coverage: One pint covers 24' hull

• Drying Time: Dries in minutes, but 12 hour curing before launch

• Maximum Out of Water Time: Indefinite

 An easy to use, high tech, clear, non-toxic barrier system bottom coating for use as an environmental alternative to antifouling bottom paint. This new technology provides full season fresh water protection and intermittent salt water protection. Easy-On provides easy clean-off of algae, zebra mussels and other marine organisms from fiberglass, aluminum and painted hulls, outdrives, trim tabs, transducers, fenders and inflatables.


• Wipes on clear with a soft cloth

• Maintains original boat color

• Foul-release makes cleaning easy

• Can be applied over old antifouling coatings

• One 15 fl. oz. bottle will coat a 24 ft. boat; 1 thin coat recommended


 Easy-On Bottom Coating - Questions and Answers

Is Easy-on Bottom Coating an antifouling system?

 No, Easy-on Bottom Coating is not an antifouling system. It is a water based, clear, non toxic foul release barrier system used as an alternative to antifouling paints.

Do you simply just rub it on like a wax? 
On my own boat I put a pair of athletic socks on my hands ..goop the Easy-On on socks and spread it out as Thin Thin Thin as possible. (My wife hates me for this)
You don't buff it. It is clear and stays as a slightly movable, wax surface.
The action of the boat through the water helps clean the hull.
Pressure wash does not remove it nor acid wash. So at end of season clean surface anyway you wish.
Each year One more thin thin coat.  Easy-On actually repels water from the hull.
Easy-On in the bottle has a positive charge and your hull is negative: It is actually an instant molecular bond to your hull.

Will Easy-On reduce friction of hull through the water?

The “Foul Release “ feature helps keep grunge off the hull and allows hull to be easier to clean.
If you see fuzz develop, pull over to sandbar or beach and clean hull with cloth , sponge of white 3M™brush.
Easy-On is repelling the water from the hull:
Boat can plane at slower speed and save fuel.
The New Zealand Coast Guard reported up to 2 MPH increased top speed over a measured mile!

 How long will Easy-on Bottom Coating be effective?

         This depends largely on your local water conditions but generally Easy-on Bottom Coating will provide full season fresh water and intermittent salt waterection.  It is important to note that this is a cleanable barrier system and throughout the season if minor fuzz or marine attachment occur, we recommend sponge or deck-brush cleaning of the coated surface to maintain performance. Some harbors, due to local water conditions, will require more or less regular cleaning.

 Do I have to remove my old antifouling paint or wax prior to using Easy-on Bottom Coating?

 No, you can use Easy-on Bottom Coating overtop old wax or old sound antifouling paint (not peeling)

Do I need to buff or polish Easy-on Bottom Coating?

 No, Easy-on Bottom Coating dries in minutes to a soft moveable, clear film that is not buffed or polished.

Does Easy-on Bottom Coating have to cure?

 Yes, allow an overnight cure before launching boat. Easy-on Bottom Coating must be allowed to cure for at least 12 hours.

Can Easy-on Bottom Coating be applied at any temperature?

Easy-on Bottom Coating can be applied at any ambient temperature above freezing, but it is easier to apply at warm temperatures.


What if I applied the product too thick?

Easy-On in the bottle has a positive charge and thus a molecular bond to the negative charge hull.

Things that want to attach to boat, are only adhering to our unique Easy-On underwater coating and not to the  fibreglass, aluminum or plastic hulls. One Thin coat per season or prior to competitive event.

We recommend on the Easy-On label, the thinner it is applied the better it works!


Not Easy to remove Easy-On Coating!

A  .If product is applied too thick, use a white abrasive pad and suitable mild rubbing compound, with circular mechanical action on the brush to remove excess. Rinse pad often to keep it in abrasive condition. You need to make multiple cleaning passes using the pad and light compound to remove each layer. Do not overdo compounding action as it may effect gel coat.

The next season, clean the boat bottom well and reapply 1 thin, thin, thin, coat of Easy-on Bottom Coating.

 B.  Another method to remove heavy coating; use high PH 13.5 (alkaline), heavy duty, floor wax stripper, only available at leading janitorial supply groups and circular motion by hand with 3 M abrasive white pad.

Caution: If using a circular pad machine: be very careful of  flying high PH stripper onto the operator and any others in the vicinity.

IMPORTANT: Follow Caution Statements on the Stripper label and wear appropriate skin and eye protection.

Once hull dries carefully look from various sunlight angles to see if any Easy-On patches still remain. If so repeat process on those areas.

Regular maintenance:

In most cases, one thin coat per season, along with regular cleaning of fuzz developing or debris with cloth, deck brush or white abrasive pad helps renew the coat.


If you plan to paint the boat bottom, be absolutely sure all Easy–On is removed, as  in A & B above, before proceeding.

Should I apply Easy-on Bottom Coating if rain is pending?

 Easy-on Bottom Coating must be allowed to cure for at least 12 hours. Do not apply if there is the possibility of rain as the moisture may counteract the curing process. "


"The thinner the Coat, The better it works"

Check Out With Easy-On / Without Easy-On experiment !!

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