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Canoe / Kayak  performance Coating and Cream Cleaner

Over 3/4 million boats treated globally.

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Canoe / Kayak Performance Coating (NEW)

• Reduced Friction, Hydrophobic coating • Seals and Protects • Easier Clean Surface

Developed for, and Proven for Decades, by one of Canada's leading Canoe and Kayak manufactures.

Inflatables, Water toys , SUP, Wind surfers, PWC and Fishing boats of
all materials; Fibreglass, Aluminum, Kevlar ™, Polyethylene, ABS, PVC, Composites and

Simply clean surface with Natural Marine Boat Clenz # 6098, rinse and allow to dry. Apply
one THIN single coat Canoe Kayak Performance with a soft cloth. Allow minutes to dry
and buff lightly with clean cloth. Full cure in 12 hours.

Lasts an entire season! Each season one more coat for ultimate lasting protection. Oxidized,
smooth, surfaces can be revived first with Natural Marine Fibreglass Colour Restorer #
5076, and then treated as above.

The 400ml bottle # 5430, treats up to 6 Canoes , Kayaks and Inflatables.

Price is $32.95 per 400ml bottle # 5430 . Plus Shipping and handling costs  (Order 2 or more bottles get free shipping!)

Helps deter underwater attachment and provides an easier to clean surface during the season.
Obviously NOT for surfaces you wish to stand on!


Canoe / Kayak Cream Cleaner  (NEW)

• Cleans • Revitalizes • Proven • Water based

Canoes, Kayaks, SUP, Inflatables, Wind Surfers,
PWC, Water Toys and Fishing craft.

Fiberglass, Aluminum, Plastic, Polyethylene, ABS, PVC, Kevlar™, Composites, Non-Skid
surfaces, Inflatables, Nitrylon™, Mirasol™, Plastic Water Toys and almost any hard non
porous surface, Fenders, Tarps, Awnings, etc.

Wet the surface with water hose, pail or just a "good old fashion dunking". Squirt on Cream
Cleanser and massage external and interior surfaces with a soft cloth or soft brush. Tougher
stains; use a white abrasive pad. Rinse well before the surfaces dry. Avoid soft, porous,
padded seating material. Will easily clean up to 10-12 small craft.

For Ultimate Performance Coating:
Apply one, VERY THIN, clear coat, of Natural Marine Canoe Kayak Performance &
Protective Coating # 5431, with a soft cloth, to seal and protect outside hull surfaces,
AND to make paddling easier as well as help increase craft aesthetic life. Repeat annually.
Developed and Made in Canada, with the Environment in mind, for the fast growing
"Silent Water" sports enthusiasts.

The 400ml bottle # 5431, Will easily clean up to 10-12 small craft.

Price is $26.95 per 400ml bottle # 5431 . Plus Shipping and handling costs  (Order 2 or more bottles get free shipping!)


To order Canoe / Kayak Performance Coating and Cream Cleaner Product

 1. RECOMMENDED - Call order in over phone.  Call 339-440-2198
( No Answer - Leave Message, we will call back)

2. Send Email purchase request to fredprue@yahoo.com


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